Golden West Haflinger Stud - Home of 'The Golden Horse with the Golden Heart'


HAFLINGERS are a relatively new breed to Western Australia as there are at present (2010) only about 300 registered Haflingers throughout Australia, with most of these based in the Eastern States.  These beautiful horses originate from the mountains of South Tyrol, Austria, where they have developed such valuable traits as good health, hardiness, sure footedness, the ability to adapt to extreme weather conditions and yet retain the gentleness for which the breed is well renowned.  Over more recent years, through stringent breeding protocols the Haflinger Horse of today has become an agile, allrounder sport horse and with a revived interest in breeding, the numbers being both imported and bred throughout Australia are growing rapidly.

HAFLINGERS are becoming increasingly popular throughout the world for not only their beautiful golden looks, but also their gentle quiet temperament, healthy disposition, and extreme versatility.  HAFLINGERS are seen competing worldwide in all major events including Dressage, Showjumping, Hacking, Western, Vaulting and Carriage driving, but are also the perfect 'family' pony.  Gentle enough for Children, but strong enough to carry Adult Riders or pull a cart.

HAFLINGERS range in height from 13.2 hh to aprox. 15.1 hh (although the majority average closer to 14hh) The new bloodlines currently being introduced from Austria and Germany are producing taller, more refined horses for the show ring, whilst maintaining the sturdy characteristics of the traditional breed. 

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Be warned, these ponies are extremely easy to fall in love with!!